The northern nature is full of super food; wild herbs and berries.

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They are a power pack of nutrients that make us feel good. On this hike, we will pick the wild herbs and berries that are in season for the time in summer and autumn. In early sum- mer, nature is full of energy, right down to the sprouting leaves, and in late summer, we will nd cloudber- ries, bilberries and lingonberries. We will use these for our tasty snack

in nature. The ingredients could be used for preparing a avoursome sal- ad or to garnish delicious pancakes, while savouring herbal tea and lis- tening to the silence of nature – the wind in the trees and birds singing.

Season June – September
Duration 3 hours
Price 120 € / per person / 2- 10 persons


Experience healing power of nature.

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This program combines hiking and exploring nature by relaxing and breathing in the essences of the pure forest. We also practice yoga outdoors. We hike in beautiful landscapes in the forests and hills close to the town of Rovaniemi.

Experiencing yoga outdoors will give you a whole new world of sensations.

The nature excites all the senses: the colours of ora, the clear and pure air, sweetness of the leaves or berries. In the springtime, you can feel the intense growing power of nature, in the summer the magic of the Midnight Sun, and in the autumn the stunningly vibrant colours of nature.
During the day, we will have a snack using local products.

Season May – October
Duration 3 hours, 1 hour yoga
Price 120 € / per person / 2 – 10 persons


See the huskies and reindeers and have a nice paddle trip!

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We start our tour from the husky farm where we can pet the huskies and visit to photo gallery. We make a tour of the lake- side and get to experience the great beauty and silence of the countryside. We continue paddling to the reindeer farm, where we will enjoy a snack by the re. We meet the reindeer and get to know about the life of a reindeer herder. The visit at the farm takes around 45 minutes. We continue our paddling trip back to the husky farm.

Season Mid may – mid October
Duration 3 hours
Price 189 € / per person /2 – 6 persons

450 € families2+2inonecanoe under 8 years old
550 € families 2 + 2 in two canoes Extra kids
66 € / under 8 years
95 € / under 14 years old


Sauna is a must-do on a visit to Finland.

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Our sauna is very traditional sauna sitting on the banks of the lake. The walls are still dark from the old days when it was used as
a smoke sauna. You will sense the musty atmosphere, but there will be no smoke. Listen how the wood in the stove burns as it heats the stones, and whispering of the wind outdoors. Remember, when you get hot – you can always jump into the water to cool down. Our guide is there to advise you how to do this safely and get the most out of your experience. Refreshing snacks are served to make your evening simply perfect.

Season Year around
Duration 2-3 hours
Price150€ / per person / 2-6persons

*All visits includes guiding, drink and snack (on request vegetarian and vegan snack) & transport from the hotel Rovaniemi center area and Arctic circle.


Harmonia – yoga & nature
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