Yes, we all are part of nature although we might have forgotten the connection. We want to take people closer to nature, and to their own nature also.

With us you will see the trees from the forest; open your senses for the environment; respect and love it while you feel the connection. Finnish nature is pure and we have a lot of space to breathe. We will tell you about the plants, herbs, mushrooms and the Finnish relationship with nature.

Yoga is a great way to connect to nature. Experience as nature and yoga fulfill each other and give you a feeling of relaxation, strength and vitality.

We will open our awareness, taste the nature, feel the surroundings, enjoy the fragrance, open our eyes and become grounded.

We offer all kinds of fun in the nature, such as hiking with our huskies, husky hugging and yoga, or meditation and awareness practices.


Harmonia – yoga & nature
Aksana Kurola
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Yoga Nature Lapland