Our doggies are our love and family members. We do all kinds of fun things together — we love activities as well as hugging. Puppies start their journey with us indoors, then when the dogs are older and retired they get to the sofa.

All of them are their own personalities and we want to keep it like that. Some of them work hard and some of them are lazy fellows, but still both of them have important roles in the team work. Slowing down dogs are important when our guests feel uncertain while driving the husky sled. Some of them are energetic and full of joy, others are peaceful and sensitive.

Our dogs’ well being is most important and we take good care of our guests too. They eat the best things we can offer and have a massage or physiotherapy when needed.
If the dogs’, the environment’s, and your own wellbeing are important for you too; this is the place to visit.

We warmly welcome you!


Harmonia – yoga & nature
Aksana Kurola
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